Quality Center (ALM)

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of using Quality Center(ALM) as an Test Management tool for Manual and Automated Testing through practical approach. The participants will work with different modules like Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab ,Defects, Dashboard. The participants will use Quality Center interface to create Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Parameters.

Upon completion, students should be able to design and execute Test cases and Test scripts and log the defects using various features in QC(ALM). Participants should be able to generate various reports   and graphs based on different types of modules.


  • Knowledge on QA/Software Testing Fundamentals

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the different types of QC Modules
  • Able to understand Quality Center UI
  • To work with Test Plan module for designing Test cases, Test Scripts, Test Parameters and Template Tests
  • Acquire the skills needed to understand Test execution process using Test Lab module for Manual and Automated Tests
  • Learn how to log the defects during test execution and in defects modules
  • Able to create various Reports and Graphs for each module
  • Understand the version control features
  • Understand the different roles and responsibilities in Quality Center


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