This course provides a comprehensive understanding of using Loadrunner as an automated Load and Stress testing tool for different environments through practical approach. The participants will use Loadrunner interface to record and play back tests, write the test scripts and troubleshoot tests. The participants will learn to create steps that work with Dynamic sessions,Parameterization,Checkpoints using Loadrunner components.

Upon completion, students should be able to write the basic and advanced level scripts using the components of Loadrunner. Participants should be able to develop the different types of Loadrunner Scenarios based on the Test Plans , Workflows and other Requirements.


  • Knowledge on QA/Software Testing Fundamentals
  • Basic Knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial but not mandatory

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the different components of Loadrunner
  • Usage of different Protocols used in Loadrunner
  • Acquire the skills on testing process in Loadrunner
  • To add Loadrunner functions, Transactions, Rendezvous points and Checkpoints
  • Acquire the skills needed to work with VUGen and enhance the script to control the flow of the tests
  • Learn how to use Parameterization and Correlation concepts
  • Working with Load Generators and configurations
  • Understand the Recording Settings and Run-time Settings
  • Learn how to create and execute Scenarios using Controller component
  • Learn about Result Analysis using Graphs and Reports


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