Android App Development

The Android App Development course is primarily designed for beginners and experienced programmers who want to learn how to create applications in Android. The step-by-step lessons start from Java Programming for Android and cover all that you need to develop professional Android Apps.

Each student will learn to develop Android apps using all the major components of the Android API at the beginning level based on the app development lectures and activities. Develop applications for Android devices using Java programming language along with the Android SDK.


  • Participants should have knowledge on computers and in at least one programming language - preferably Java
  • Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming is desired

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to application development for Android technology
  • Programming by writing code using Java (object oriented language)
  • Design & Program real working education based mobile application projects
  • Basic Android Development tools such as Eclipse, DDMS, Views, Listeners
  • Become familiar with common Mobile Application technologies and platforms, open files, save files, create and program original material, integrate separate files into a mobile application project
  • Android Layouts and Widgets ,Communication and Media
  • Use audio and video files in the project and generate notifications in android.
  • Use development tools, such as those found in the Android Developer's Toolkit to efficiently create, understand, debug and optimize Android applications.
  • Working with the User Interface( Layouts ,Fragments ,Adapters ,Action bar)


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